Caregivers study care-giving techniques in order to care the patients at home. This is why there are so many caregivers being hired because the number of aging people being taken care at home is increasing little by little.

Care-giving is not all about medicine. Of course, medicine can help but what can help the most is the ‘CARE’. Physical, emotional and mental health are interconnected so medicine alone cannot help in the betterment of the patient.

Pay attention to the social need of the patient. There is an absolute power of being with somebody else. Someone who can feel what you feel. In other words, patients do not want to be alone. They need someone to be with in any situation.

Be prepared for emergency cases. Caregivers can not heal the patient right way when illnesses attack. This is why they need to run to the nearest hospital for diagnosis. This means, the way and all the things necessary to carry with should be prepared so that when something happens, they can go out from the house in a twinkling of an eye.

Openness to the Patient’s guardian. There should be always a close relationship between the caregiver and the guardian of the patient so that they can share ideas about how they could take good care of the patient well. This is why guardian gets angry if there is something that is not informed.

Utilization of medical needs. There is a need for this one because it has to be used for the health of the patient.