If you are in a home nursing, you may need to use equipment like:

Wheel Chair is the number one need of a patient and the caregiver should have this pushed where ever the patients needs to go. Without wheel chair, the patient will be so difficult to take care.

BP Apparatus. Patients should have a regular checking of the blood. This is because you can know what you have to do and if you need to go to the hospital.

Stethoscope is a Y-shaped tool always hanging at the neck of a doctor or a nurse. This is also a need in getting of the blood pressure of the patient.  Somehow, patients would like it.

Coffee dispenser. This is very helpful for caregivers to serve their patients well. It can help them manage their time in doing many things. There is a need to always offer the patients something but it should not make them fat.This is also ¬†good for the patient’s visitors.

Caregiver needs kitchen utensils such as knife, tray, liquid bottle because these are necessary when she has to do something and when she needs to hand something to the owner.

Caregivers should bring have cleaning machine such as vacuum cleaner, duster, sterilizer for the cleanliness of the job and many things in order to put things in order and organize ideas and things. These will help caregivers to finish a satisfying job.

Caregivers must need a good telephone or cell phone for emergency purpose.